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Automatic Health Fund Rebates

Health funds only pay for medical procedures with a medicare item number when they are performed in a fully accredited and licenced hospital.  Every other excimer laser in Queensland is located OUTSIDE the safe and regulated environment of a private hospital.  Our laser is located INSIDE a fully accredited private hospital.  This means that if your laser is a therapeutic one to restore vision from conditions such as corneal scarring, post corneal transplant, keratoconus, recurrent erosions etc then your health fund will automatically cover the cost if you are covered for the medicare item number 42810.

The only costs to you will be

  • Any excess that you have on your health insurance

  • Your health finds “known” gap or access gap.  This is generally around $400 and never more than $500

  • The fee for your eye drops and medications afterwards 

NOTE – health funds will NOT automatically pay for solely refractive procedure such as PRK & ASA. Some funds such as BUPA Ultimate and Defense Health may cover some of the fee but this is not guaranteed or automatic.