About QEI Laser

At QEI Laser, we are not aiming to be the highest volume laser clinic in Brisbane – we are striving to be the safest. 

During our rigorous screening process you will be seen by the surgeon who will be performing your treatment.  We utilise every technology available to ensure you are a safe candidate for laser eye surgery. 

Dr David Gunn and Dr Brendan Cronin are the only surgeons in Queensland who are able to offer all of the following procedures performed by subspecialist ophthalmologists with training in laser surgery and diseases of the cornea and anterior segment. 

  • Inpatient laser eye surgery for both refractive and therapeutic laser.

  • Intravenous sedation for your procedure with our on-site anaesthetist.

  • No-Gap collagen cross linking for patients who are covered by private health insurance.

  • Guaranteed health fund rebates for phototherapeutic keratectomies when patients have appropriate private health cover for the item number 42810.

  • Collagen cross linking in a dedicated outpatient procedure room for patients without private health insurance to maximise the Medicare rebates and Medicare safety net. 

  • All types of intra-ocular lens surgery including multifocal lens surgery, IC-8 pinhole surgery and implantable contact lenses (implantable collamer lenses).

  • Custom made artificial iris implantation for iris defects and aniridia.

  • All types of corneal transplantation surgery.

We are based at the Queensland Eye Institute, Australia’s largest non-government funded eye research institute.  The institute is a not for profit charity dedicated to providing education, research and clinical care to help eradicate blindness. 

Our Doctors

Brisbane Ophthalmologist Dr David Gunn Slit Lamp.jpg

Dr David Gunn

Dr Gunn is a Queensland and UK trained ophthalmologist specialising in diseases of the cornea, complex cataract surgery and laser & refractive eye surgery.

Dr Brendan Cronin Brisbane Ophthalmologist Queensland Eye Institute Laser.

Dr Brendan Cronin

Dr Cronin is a Brisbane based ophthalmologist. He is the lead corneal & anterior segment surgeon & the Director of Education at the Queensland Eye Institute in Brisbane Australia.